UPDATE: New AI Service Summarizes Content: Introducing Notedly

Say goodbye to long readings.
A new artificial intelligence service by Syntak, LLC is making waves for being able to automatically condense documents into bullet points. Notedly (https://notedly.ai) prides itself on its ability to process – and understand – documents of any kind, cutting down read time by at least 50% and increasing content absorption capabilities.
The Boston-based startup was originally designed for students to help with schoolwork, and quickly became popular thanks to its promotional merchandise – including its iconic bucket hats. Since then, it has evolved into a powerful piece of enterprise software aimed at cutting hours of document analysis down to mere minutes.
So what distinguishes it from the slew of other artificial intelligence tools? A difference in goal.
Whereas other AI tools aim to automate copywriting, Notedly is focusing on making content more consumable. According to the founder, Amaan Ali, “we wanted to clear up one of the biggest bottlenecks for businesses, and we think that lies in time spent reading.”
After several months developing the enterprise experience, Notedly has now launched for companies across the country. Businesses that are interested in learning more can visit https://notedly.ai/enterprise.
Source: Syntak, LLC