Unsafe Particle Filter Masks Recalled in the EU

Market surveillance performed by EU Member States has found that these masks failed to conform to requirements in:
• Regulation (EU) 2016/425 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• EN 149 – harmonized standard for respiratory protective devices

Non-conformities included:
• Insufficient particle filter retention to match claims
• Uncertified products bearing the CE mark
• Face masks claimed to protect against viral particles, but their filtering capacity was uncertified and their use as biocidal products was unauthorized

Filtering facepieces (FFP or face masks) should protect the wearer from inhaling airborne liquid and solid particles.

Non-conforming products should be:
• Rejected for importation
• Withdrawn from the market and recalls
• Temporarily banned
• Marked with appropriate warnings
• Banned from being marketed in the EU

RAPEX provides EU citizens and businesses with information about products that pose a serious risk to their health and which fail to meet EU legislative requirements.

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