Unravel Launches New Personal Growth Course Unravel: Go

Unravel Groups, a nationwide men’s organization dedicated to leadership and the pursuit of excellence, launches a new free six-week introductory course called Unravel: Go.
Unravel: Go is designed for men who are hungry for growth and interested in exploring the Unravel process without the extended commitment of its current offerings. The course is absolutely free, and participants will be able to complete the material at their own pace, with curriculum sent directly to their inbox.
Each day, Unravel: Go participants tackle a question, prompt, or conversation, guided by life-changing principles and timeless truths. They will also have the opportunity to engage with and solicit feedback from other men they already know and trust. Men will emerge from the process with greater awareness, motivation, and direction toward their goals in all areas of their lives. Unravel: Go is especially helpful for men looking to find purpose or begin a new chapter.
Unlike Unravel’s standard in-person and virtual groups, Unravel: Go is completely self-directed. This allows participants to start the course on their own schedule and, if they prefer, alongside other men in their personal circle – including their friends, colleagues, mentors, or members of their faith community.
Men who complete Unravel: Go are encouraged to take the next step by joining an Unravel group, either in-person or virtually. Unravel participants become better equipped to meet the demands of their everyday lives, develop a clearer picture of who they are, their purpose and motivations, and build the practical skills needed to realize their unique, personal mission. 
Those who are interested in signing up for the free Unravel: Go course should visit the Unravel website, which includes an easy sign-up form to get started on the road to progress. For questions, please contact Unravel today.
About Unravel Groups
Unravel is for men who take their future seriously and want to make huge strides spiritually, relationally, professionally. The goal is to explore significant growth through significant effort – pursuing excellence through robust preparation and participation. The curriculum flows from the Bible and draws from a number of Christian and secular teachers, pastors, scholars, and leaders. Through the process, participants strive to articulate their God-given vision and a practical framework for moving that vision forward. Unravel is open to and designed for any man on any journey.
For more information, please visit www.unravelgroups.com.
Source: Unravel Groups