United States Mask Makes Obtaining an NIOSH-Certified, American-Made N95 Respirator an Affordable Option

United States Mask, a Fort Worth-based company, is now a leading provider of American-made, NIOSH-certified N95 particulate respirators. The company’s flagship model, the 1836, blocks 95 percent of particles .3 microns in size or larger, offering more protection than surgical or cloth masks.
United States Mask sources and manufactures their N95 masks in Texas, using state-of-the-art technology and custom machinery. This allows hospitals, nursing homes, schools, businesses and individuals to bypass third-party distributors, who often obtain their inventory from overseas providers. The authenticity of the 1836 N95 is just one of United States Masks’ differentiators; the company’s masks are also significantly more affordable than their competitors. Each N95 mask is roughly $2.25 or lower, depending upon the quantity purchased.
Built on the idea that masks should be made in America for Americans, co-founders David Baillargeon and John Bielamowicz started their company in early 2020 when the pair saw that a limited supply of personal protective equipment was forcing healthcare personnel, first responders and front-line workers to reuse N95 respirators that had been imported from around the world. Finding the situation unacceptable, the business partners and friends set out on a mission to ensure that professionals have access to N95s that are trustworthy and dependable at an affordable price.
“A lot of people have been burned by unscrupulous sellers and high prices, but ‘Made in America’ shouldn’t translate to ‘you have to pay more,'” said David Baillargeon. “United States Mask is doing our part to make sure our N95 respirators stay affordable and are budget-friendly to every American who needs one.”
United States Mask’s products are available for bulk orders and in 20-count boxes on the company’s website. For more information or to purchase, visit www.unitedstatesmask.com. For press inquiries or interviews, email info@brandedpros.com.
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