UniteCraft Releases Online Technology Platform to Help Craft Breweries Compete Against Big Beer

UniteCraft Corporation, a collaboration of three brewing industry veterans, today launched Unite-Craft.com. This online platform of web-based applications enables the highly fragmented craft beer industry to enjoy the economic benefits previously only experienced by large breweries and brewery collectives. Formed by Derek Godfrey, 30 years in the brewery industry (Micro Matic / MillerCoors / Molson) and Nick Michaels, software architecture of global e-business platforms (Micro Matic), UniteCraft Corporation has partnered with Sam Holloway (Co-founder and President of Crafting A Strategy) to level the playing field against “Big Beer”. UniteCraft’s mission is to use its proprietary technology to organize the collective power of independent craft breweries, to expand market opportunities for any brewery, and to help small breweries create healthier businesses.
UniteCraft delivers on this mission by helping breweries in four ways: connect, collaborate, get paid, and reduce costs.
“The business of beer is unfair to small breweries. It’s time to change that,” said Derek Godfrey, UniteCraft co-founder. “UniteCraft exists to remove ‘Big Beer’ advantages with the integration of technology and community. For years, “Big Beer” has accessed resources out of reach of the craft community,” he added. “From access to top business expertise and capital markets, to buying power advantages and preferred service rates, these advantages have controlled and constricted craft brewery markets and growth opportunities for far too long. It’s time to level the playing field.”
“We’ve been building our community of brewery entrepreneurs at Crafting A Strategy for almost 10 years,” said Sam Holloway, founder of Crafting A Strategy and UniteCraft education partner. “If we had the capability to develop technology to unite the craft industry like UniteCraft has, we would have done it years ago.”
About UniteCraft
UniteCraft Corporation’s mission is to use technology to organize the collective power of independent craft, reduce competitive advantages of “Big Beer”, expand market opportunities, and create healthier businesses. Founded in 2019 and using all proprietary technology, UniteCraft’s financial model is based on a 3% transaction fee on all platform based commerce. 
About Crafting A Strategy
CRAFTINGASTRATEGY.COM exists to support small breweries around the globe by providing them business advice unique to their situation. Small breweries aren’t simply smaller versions of large breweries, they have their own unique challenges and opportunities. Our membership includes over 800 beer industry entrepreneurs and executives from 24 countries. At $99 per year, our subscription model is the best value in beer business education available. 
Source: UniteCraft