Unique Chrome Extension cSociety Turns Netflix into an Interactive Experience

Ever since its inception, Netflix has taken over the globe as a preferred entertainment option for millions of monthly users. While the streaming service provides dynamic content across an array of genres, it lacks the social experience that makes movie/TV watching truly valuable for the viewers. The cinema experience, so to speak, has now been made possible with cSociety: a new Chrome extension that allows Netflix users to interact with each other via genre themed chatrooms and turns their movie watching experience into a social experience.

A spokesperson for the extension made an official press statement “As far back as history goes, entertainment has been a congregational activity that has brought communities together. Why should we stop now? Especially since we are all social distancing, cSociety is the only way to #Quarantine&Chill. cSociety makes it possible for users to share movie moments with fellow viewers who watch with you in real time, thus giving you the cinema experience right from wherever you are.”

Users can sign up and have the cSociety extension ready for use within a few simple steps. With large range of genre themed chat rooms for a group chat experience – from Comedy to Horror, users can also enjoy an intimate chat via DMs which ensures end-to-end user privacy. Furthermore, the extension also provides live links on user profiles so you can see what others are watching & join them. By creating a profile with their bio and their favorite to-watch items, users can connect with each other and create memorable experiences all within the cSociety extension.

More details, along with the sign up option, can be seen on the official cSociety website at https://www.csociety.co/.