UNIQ, California’s Most Successful Yacht Renting Company, Expands to Miami

The most successful yacht charter and boat rental company in California has its sights set on a new shore with its recent expansion into Miami, Florida. The company is now offering its wide variety of luxury yachts for all occasions from the Gulf Coast, including a three-day trip to the Bahamas.
Founded in Los Angeles in 2010, UNIQ found steady success with its high-class luxury rentals that range from private jets to exotic cars and exclusive properties. Dmitry Lyubimov, CEO of UNIQ Los Angeles, describes the success as stemming from years of dedicated work and a commitment to customer service. “From website development to customer service, we’re always trying to outstrip not only our competitors but also our own performance,” Lyubimov said.
After initially branching out into Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach and San Diego, UNIQ looked to the East for a new market willing and eager to take advantage of the company’s luxury rental services. “There are just so many things to do and places to go: private islands, sandbars, restaurants with boat access,” Lyubimov said. “Plus, the Bimini Islands and the Bahamas are only 40 nautical miles away.”
The warm water of the Gulf Coast is particularly appealing to some renters who enjoy taking a swim while out on the yacht or engaging in watersports with the jet skis that come with some yachts. For many, simply seeing the Florida coastline and Miami Beach makes the trip worthwhile, Lyubimov said. “It’s a stunning place, and there’s no better way to take in all that beauty than a private luxury yacht rental.”
Thus far, UNIQ has seen higher demand for certain yacht models, such as the Azimut 100′ Jumbo with its on-board hot tub, the 58′ Azimut Atlantic Yacht that combines sporty performance and luxury amenities, and the 65′ UNIQ Sea Ray L650 with its aesthetically stunning appearance and perfect functionality.
Key to UNIQ’s success is its ability to provide a consistent level of customer satisfaction even as it delivers one-of-a-kind experiences. “We’re proud to have gotten highly satisfied evaluations from all our clients,” Lyubimov said. “Our mission is to create a comfortable environment where every client is treated like part of the family.”
As well as yacht charters, UNIQ also specializes in private jet rental and classic cars. To see what UNIQ has available for special occasions, whether for yourself, family, friends or with a client, contact UNIQ today. The company has a dedicated team ready to help plan a truly memorable adventure.
Source: UNIQ