U.S. Patent Office Issues Further Patent for Alternative Environmental Technologies’ Sulfex™ Desulfurization Tech

Alternative Environmental Technologies Holdings Corp. (AET) has just been issued U.S. Patent No. 11,198,824 by the U.S. Patent Office representing another patent in a growing portfolio of patents directed to its Sulfex™ Desulfurization Technology. The newest issuing patent provides additional, broad protection to features of the Sulfex™ system and further confirms the uniqueness of the Sulfex™ technology. This patent is directed to further refinements in the design of the process that reduces the inherent capital cost of the plant and enables the ability to further reduce reagent consumptions.
AET’s lead engineer, Jack L Waldron, stated, “The Sulfex ™ technology, through years of development and research, has been refined into a technology that is a robust and well-defined industrial process. This patent provides protection to this process as it has been refined.”
AET’s Sulfex™ technology is a unique system and process of removing Sulfur from distillates. The system does not use high temperatures and pressures that are typically involved with conventional hydro-desulfurization processes and plants. Instead, Sulfex™ removes Sulfur from hydrocarbon fuels at substantially lower and safer temperatures and pressures. It eliminates CO2 emissions and toxic H2S generated by HDS processes. It does not use exotic, high maintenance precious metal catalysts nor does it utilize sometimes troublesome & high maintenance cavitation or ultrasonic process equipment.
By utilizing proprietary Sulfex™ solid and liquid catalysts coupled with an oxidizing agent, the Sulfur in the hydrocarbon fuel is converted to Sulfur species that can be easily stripped from the hydrocarbon fuel. The process achieves distillate fuel Sulfur levels less than 10 ppm and produces a fuel which is ready for use. The process has been independently validated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Labs (www.anl.gov) and the initial mass balance of the plant has also been reviewed and confirmed by a global engineering firm.
The intellectual property that is set forth in the newest patent further protects significant features of the Sulfex™ technology. The patent is directed to a method of desulfurization that is enhanced by allowing oxidized sulfur species to remain within the system through each of the processing units prior to separation and removal. Through these features Sulfex™ achieves high rates of desulfurization, while minimizing unnecessary steps of separation and removal that increase cost and reduce throughput. 
AET’s Vice President of Business Development, Barry Dallum stated, “The growth of our IP portfolio through another patent on the Sulfex™ system displays our continued commitment to our Sulfex desulfurization process to new fuels applications, and the continuous improvement with respect to fuel processing times and equipment requirements. This process has a lower capital investment, lower operating cost, lower carbon footprint and is safer than other desulfurization processes.”
“AET’s Board is particularly pleased to see the continued growth of the company’s patent portfolio,” stated AET’s Executive Director, Steve Stevanovich.
About Alternative Environmental Technologies
Alternative Environmental Technologies (AET) is an environmental technology company dedicated to comprehensive cost-effective solutions to environmental problems centering on the processing and usage of hydrocarbons. With numerous worldwide patents and patent applications, AET has developed products that provide economical ways to address the increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations globally.
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Source: Alternative Environmental Technologies