Two Female Founders Start a Mental Health Training Organization After Losing Their Friends to Suicide

After losing a loved one to suicide, Kelly Marzoli and Juliet Meskers founded Mental Health Global Network (MHGN) to help organizations prioritize mental health on an equivalent level to physical health through education. 
“As we mourned the loss of our friends, conflicted with guilt and confusion, we realized we were never formally educated on how to recognize the warning signs of suicide,” says Co-Founder and COO, Kelly Marzoli. Marzoli and Meskers’ personal experience with mental health has led them on this journey to start their organization. “We grew up with health class and learned about how to maintain positive physical wellness, but no one ever taught us about depression, anxiety, or even suicide. This lack of education creates a stigmatizing culture, standing as a pervasive barrier that prevents individuals from seeking out mental health treatment,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Juliet Meskers. 
The Co-Founders received training and certifications in instructing mental health intervention and suicide prevention. After working and training in the mental health space, the two teamed up with psychologists to create Mental Health Intervention Training – an annual, virtual certification course for businesses, schools, and other organizations who are looking to improve mental health responses within their space. It’s like CPR, but for mental health!
This evidence-informed course is a bystander intervention training on how to intervene in a crisis situation until professional help arrives. The participants will learn how to identify mental health issues and warning signs of suicide and connect individuals to treatment. MHGN also offers the first-ever Mental Health First Aid Kit, providing participants with coping tools for anxiety, stress, and sensory overload, so they can be equipped to deal with their own mental health issues as well.
The founders are now working towards passing a bill to mandate mental health education within institutions the same way sexual harassment training is mandated. 
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