Twelve Spells Revolutionizes Aromatherapy & Beauty Industries

Twelve Spells, LLC, today announced that it is revolutionizing the aromatherapy and beauty industries by utilizing universally beloved fairy tales to connect its products with consumers.
Even with the more widespread use of essential oils and aromatherapy cosmetics in the western world, consumers of essential oils and essential oil products continue to question their most effective and safe use and application. In 2020, Twelve Spells was founded to bridge that gap and demystify aromatherapy for consumers. “What better way to help our customers understand what purpose our aromatherapy potions serve and the benefits they bring than by associating them with timeless fairy tale characters that most people know and love?” said Twelve Spells CEO & Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Annie Leyendecker.
For example, Aim And Shoot is an Emotion Potion Essential Oil blend used to help with focus and concentration. This potion is associated with the fairy tale Robin Hood.
Another potion is called Looking Glass. It is a Beauty Potion Face Oil used to help someone with dull facial skin that lacks moisture, elasticity, or radiance. Looking Glass is associated with the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
“No more standing in the store spending time figuring out what Thyme linalool essential oil is good for, or what to mix it with, or how to safely dilute it, or what aromatherapy blend is best for this issue or for that issue. We have done all of that work for our customers,” said Leyendecker. “Each of the twelve potions offered at Twelve Spells is so visually and emotionally connected to a specific fairy tale that the potion’s use is blatantly clear. Richly illustrated depictions of twelve timeless fairy tales have been designed to connect the customer with what each potion is meant to be used for and how it can benefit them.”
Twelve Spells refers to its products as potions meant to “break the spell you are under”. Its Emotion Potion line of products addresses the consumer’s ongoing quest to have mental and spiritual well-being, and each is labeled with a particular color symbolizing a particular emotion. Its Beauty Potion line of products improves the beauty and appearance of skin so consumers look and feel better inside and out. Its Dream Potion line of products helps consumers get the tranquil and restful night they need to be energized for the next day.
Twelve Spells’ mission is to help customers find a sense of wholeness and wellness in their everyday lives. Its aromatherapy potions connect consumers with nature and the plant-world to help them feel mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced.  Twelve Spells wants its customers to feel good, love life, and enjoy every moment.
Please direct any media inquiries to Annie Leyendecker  (646) 783-2711
Source: Twelve Spells