TVS Television Network Launches TVS Sports Network As 24/7 Streaming Post Cable Network on ROKU, Amazon, Android, Apple, and Google OTT Platforms

TVS Television Network, an occasional TV network since it’s founding in 1960, has now established the TVS Sports Network as a full time 24/7 streaming post cable television network. The ad supported, free to view service draws from the TVS classic sports library, which includes major college football bowl games, college basketball, IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, LPBT Bowling, NASL Soccer, Indy Racing, NASCAR Racing, Grand Prix Racing, and other major tv sports over the past 58 years.

TVS Sports Network appears on the Giniko USA.Com platform, which features an array of 24/7 streaming post cable networks in a free to view bundle. In addition to the TVS Classic Sports Library, TVS is featuring new shows such as Lift This! (Weight Lifting), Basquet Cases (Jai Alai), Bowlarama, Pulling For Glory (Arm Wrestling), Wild Wheels (Off Road and other Motor Racing), Hobby Hockey (Ice Hockey), and Silver Skates (Figure Skating). All TVS Sports Network programming is free to view and ad supported since 1960. TVS is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA.

TVS Television Network also operates TVS TV Networks.Com, a 72 TVS ‘Micro Channel’ video on demand service. The free to view ad supported service is located on the Daily Motion platform.

TVS Ad Sales.Com, headed by Jerry Wolff, represents TVS for all advertising, marketing, and promotional opportunities. TVS AD Sales.Com is located in Miami and New York. TVS is located in the Greater Los Angeles area.