TutorEye’s Mission Is to Empower 1 Million Learners and 10,000 Tutors Worldwide by 2025

Since its inception in 2017, TutorEye successfully positioned itself in the market as a reliable and result-oriented tutoring platform. The company has consistently worked on the quality of faculty and tutors as well as provided affordable tutoring plans to students around the world. Working towards shaping a path to excellence and eventually emerging as one of the top-ranked tutoring services, TutorEye has launched several initiatives beyond tutoring services.
Last year, the company took the initiative of partnering with school and colleges to provide support for trio programs and help bridge the learning gap in school students.
Amidst the pandemic, the company stayed focused on its goal of helping students get the right guidance and decided to offer free online classes to students on difficult concepts and topics.
Also understanding the importance of engaged learning, TutorEye launched a free learning style quiz based on the VARK principles. By taking this free quiz students can get a personalized learning experience, as tutors change their teaching style based on the student’s learning preference.

Recently, TutorEye has started collaborating with industry experts, speakers and consultants to understand their opinion and viewpoint on learning post-pandemic and the overall future of education, so that firms like TutorEye can adapt and keep up with the changing demand and education trends.
TutorEye is at that transformational time in its history and aspires to achieve bigger probability targets while simultaneously sticking to its core intent to provide education for all.
Amandeep, the academic lead at TutorEye, spoke about the recent investment in terms of resources and infrastructure at TutorEye:
“We have been able to train and retain talent, add perspective, and confidence to create a better future by evolving into a powerful wheel of not just teaching-learning but also creating opportunities along the way for countless tutors.
“We believe in the continuous flow of ideas, sparking invention by continuously trying to reinvent ourselves, whether it is written help or live online tutoring sessions and innovation across subjects. Today, we are proud to share TutorEye is among the very few organizations that help students across the world with no limit to subjects by international faculty.”
The founders of the company are dedicated to the mission of empowering 1 million learners and 10,000 tutors worldwide by 2025. 
Working hard for this mission, the company works on strict timelines and commits to assigning a subject matter expert to learners in the first three minutes of their request. With integrated pedagogies involving whiteboard, collaborative learning, and assessments, TutorEye is able to create a personalized learning roadmap for every student every time. 
For more information about TutorEye Inc or to register for the free classes: visit www.tutoreye.com
Source: TutorEye Inc.