Turonic’s New Massage Gun Improves Users’ Daily Life

Every “best of” technology article needs a budget-friendly option—but budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean lesser than. That’s where Productech comes in. 

This tech development and distribution company has created some of the most highly rated products on some of the biggest online shopping platforms, like Amazon. Their established brands include TREBLAB (known for affordable speakers and headphones), Dictopro (lighter-sized recorders and folding wireless keyboards), and purOxygen (revolutionary six-stage air purifiers).

On Amazon, in particular, some of their products have earned thousands upon thousands of ratings, and the consensus from reviewers? Stellar. Take this top-selling speaker, for example: “Hi-fi sound for so much less than the customer would have believed possible.” Another buyer raved, “A step above Bose for a quarter of the price!” 

Now, Productech has launched its new sister brand, Turonic, which specializes in home, kitchen, health, and fitness. The mission: products that are made with care and for people’s care. In other words, they’re designed to genuinely improve customers’ life on a daily basis, all for less than the competition. 

Turonic’s first product is now live on Amazon, and it’s no exception to the whole improving-customers-life thing. The Turonic G5 massage gun offers deep-tissue pain relief and full-body relaxation with speeds up to 3,200 revolutions per minute. (In case somebody is wondering, similar massage guns cost well over $200.) This one has five speeds, seven interchangeable massage heads, a shockingly quiet motor, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours.
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Productech has been creating and selling accessible technology since 2015. Since then, their product sales have skyrocketed and their company size has scaled at an incredible rate. They have four brands (TREBLAB, DICTOPRO, PurOxygen, and now Turonic), and they combine their expertise in market research, product design, and customer support to bring accessible technology to every doorstep.
Source: Productech Corporation