Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions Selected by Apexus as 340B Program Module Contributor

SpendMend, the leading provider of tech-enabled solutions to optimize the cost-cycle for the healthcare industry, announced today that Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions (a SpendMend Company) has been selected as one of only two consultant firms to contribute to the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program 2022 update module. Apexus offers professional training and validation through its Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program.
“The Operations Certificate Program is the only 340B education in the marketplace that results in validated expertise,” says Chris Hatwig, President, Apexus. “Successful completion of the program results in the 340B ACE designation, and the knowledge gained helps stakeholders appropriately manage compliant 340B pharmacy operations. Apexus is pleased to partner with Turnkey, a SpendMend company, to provide operational expertise and support to the Operations Certificate enrollees.”
The 2022 update module will feature policy updates, emerging best practices, and 340B “hot topics.” The module will reach over 2,000 enrollees and graduates of the Certificate Program.
Turnkey’s selection by Apexus marks the second time they have been chosen to contribute to the 340B Certificate Program material.  They are one of only five consultants to have ever been selected as a contributor, and they are the only firm to have ever been selected twice.
“The selection committee, consisting of non-Apexus staff, evaluated applications in a blind review to determine this year’s program contributors,” stated Alexandra M. Williams, 340B Education Program Lead at Apexus, “Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions stood out based on the large number of 340B ACEs and enrollees on staff, as well as on the creative and poignant ideas they listed for ‘hot topics’ to be included within the module.”
“We’re beyond proud to have been selected for a second time by Apexus,” says Rob Nahoopii founder of Turnkey and Senior Vice President of SpendMend Pharmacy Services. “We have long admired Apexus, and we believe our work on their 340B Certificate Program update module will have a positive impact on covered entities across the country. And that is always our goal.”
The Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program is a separate Apexus offering that is not a part of the 340B Prime Vendor Program or otherwise associated with the Prime Vendor Agreement between HRSA and Apexus. For further questions regarding the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program update module and recertification exams, please visit the following link: https://www.apexus.com/340b-certificate-program/update-module/faqs
Apexus is the nation’s leader in creating reliable health care solutions by enhancing access to medications and improving patient care. Apexus achieves these outcomes through innovative ambulatory pharmacy solutions and support of compliant 340B programs. In addition to serving as the HRSA-designated Prime Vendor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, Apexus offers professional training and validation through its Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program, and Acentrus Specialty, a health system-centered solution for local, integrated specialty pharmacy care. More information about its programs are available at www.apexus.com
Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions
Founded in 2012 by a team of pharmacy leaders, Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions emerged into the market as a leading provider of 340B audit and compliance services and has performed over 1,300 340B audits at hospitals and clinics across the country. Turnkey and its subsidiary, Elevate 340B was acquired by SpendMend in August 2020.
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