Turn Towards Flexible Delivery! SpotnEats release a Full-Fledged Package of UberEats Clone Script with Impressive Options

The food and delivery system is not a new thing, it’s been around for a long time. But due to technological evolution, on-demand food delivery apps have become popular nowadays. People used to enjoy their favorite food by ordering through the applications. The most reviewed and analyzed on-demand food delivery developing system is SpotnEats.

SpotnEats clone service is one of the best choices for the UberEats application. SpotnEats online food delivery app brings the best options for entrepreneurs today. It is a three-sided marketplace that connects the driver, customer, and restaurants with the UberEats clone platform as the center. By using our application you will get fame in the on-demand delivery industries shortly.

The key-features includes in your applications are real-time tracking, monitoring, multiple payments, and multi-language interfaces that are specially developed to make the customer’s process easier to place the orders and pay the cost for their needs. We also provide advanced features for the administrators through multiple route optimization, cloud-based, and automated task management systems.

Uplogic Technologies, a well-known web and mobile app development company having more years of experience in the on-demand field services, gone through many projects all over the world with an experienced team of developers. We also developed many online food delivery applications according to our client’s requirements. Providing consistent support before and after service for a certain period of time makes many of the business professionals turn their attention to us to reform their business.

“Though we are an on-demand mobile app solution provider, we are always ready to develop the application according to the customer’s needs. Having a group of developers with a deep passion for future trends in the on-demand industry. It helps us to provide the correct solution for the customer’s business to overcome their on-demand business challenges” – said CEO, Uplogic Technologies. “The new full-fledged software release brings you a seamless experience on your online food ordering system and this empowers your business with real-time analytics tracking on the ordering and delivery system. This gradually takes your business into digitization and makes you develop your relationship with the customers. Now, We decided to release the feature-oriented UberEats clone app solution to meet the delivery demands in a unique way”.

For more information, visit: https://www.spotneats.com/

Why SpotnEats?

We, SpotnEats not only give an application according to your requirements. Our team also deals with real-time issues and updates accordingly to ensure the success of your business. The correct value proposition based guidance by the experienced business analysts for your business model helps to increase the sales and weightage of your food delivery app.

New Features Include:

Planned orders – The customers are able to schedule their orders before a day itself. This lets the customers plan their meal and track it accordingly.

Advanced In-built Report – The advanced report will show you the in and out cash flow of the restaurants.

Paperless Feedback System – This allows the customers to rate the service that leads to the admin to take the necessary steps to update the services.

Offline mode – This feature helps the delivery agents to turn off their service according to their preferable time. This gives them the convenience to work on their required time.

Instant pop-up status – It will keep on shows the offers and availability of your service to the customers. This helps you to grab their attention easily.

Hurry up! Contact us today to acquire the SpotnEats Ubereats clone app instantly and to kick start your food delivery business with it.