TurboPass Announces Executive Role for Auto Industry Vet Zahid Kassem

TurboPass, the leading electronic multi-verification solution for credit, fraud, and compliance, is pleased to announce the hiring of Zahid Kassem as Chief Product/Technology Officer.
TurboPass has seen explosive growth in 2022, increasing its user base to 3,000 dealerships with plans to expand to over 7,000 users by the end of 2023. This growth has led to the need for additional executive leadership to support the company’s success, including plans to expand into further industries outside of the automotive space.
Zahid Kassem brings a wealth of experience in fraud management to the team, boasting over 25 years of first and second line of defense experience in the field. Mike Jarman, CEO of TurboPass, praises Zahid as a highly respected and reputable professional in financial services when it comes to fraud management.
Prior to joining TurboPass, Zahid held leadership roles at several major companies in the finance and credit industry, including Santander Consumer USA, Ally Financial, and Equifax. At these companies, Zahid played a key role in developing and implementing strategies to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, as well as leading teams of experts in data analytics and risk management.
With his wealth of experience and expertise, Zahid is well-equipped to help TurboPass continue its rapid growth and success in the automotive industry. “The use of data and technology in auto has grown tremendously over the past 10 years, but innovation in the verifications space has been limited. Now that so many dealers and lenders are using TurboPass reports to simplify the verification process, that has changed,” Zahid said.
Ken Jarman, COO and co-founder of TurboPass, is thrilled to have Zahid joining the team. “Our team is so excited for the future to add this accomplished and respected industry leader on board. With Zahid, the future will continue to be bright for our company, but more importantly for the dealers, lenders, and car buyers we serve,” he said.
The team at TurboPass is excited for the future and is looking forward to what 2023 will bring. With the addition of Zahid to the leadership team, TurboPass is well-positioned to continue its success in the automotive industry.
TurboPass Corporation is a financial technology software company based in Austin, Texas, focused on automation, Saas, and Cloud-based solutions for automotive dealerships, banks, and Finance Companies across North America.
Source: TurboPass Corporation