Tugau Announces Kickstarter Launch of Cutting-Edge LC-Glass Auto-Dimming Sunglasses With Built-In Speakers

Tugau, a technology team with years of experience in the development and manufacture of dimming glass, recently announced the launch of its stylish Tugau LC-Glass auto-dimming sunglasses with built-in speakers. With virtually instant automatic lens-dimming, seamless Bluetooth connection to devices, and directional audio, these exciting new sunglasses are the perfect everyday accessories for any outdoor activity. Available now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wicue/01s-auto-dimming-smart-glasses-with-bluetooth-speaker.
Tugau smart glasses employ the most advanced Liquid Crystal technology to create truly incredible sunglasses. Their system detects and analyzes the ambient light, then auto-dims the lens with incredible speed. In just 0.1s, they automatically tint to the most comfortable level while filtering out harmful light and reducing glare to protect your eyes while providing an ultra-clear view. Tugau also provides a useful manual tinting function, which allows users to precisely control the exact tint level from 3.5% to 35%, along with setting preferences via app.
“The latest advances in Liquid Crystal dimming glass have finally made it possible to create sunglasses with ultra-fast auto-dimming capabilities. Our lens technology can detect the ambient light within 0.1s and automatically tint to the optimal level. Since our goal was to create the perfect sunglasses, we then added more useful features such as manual dimming and seamless connection to smartphones and devices to add convenience and streamline daily life. With additional protection from harmful UV rays, Tugau sunglasses are the only sunglasses you need for better eye safety and more comfortable indoor and outdoor activities,” said Tugau creator Fenghua Li.
To achieve the ultimate usefulness for everyday wear, Tugau include Bluetooth connection to devices and open-ear directional audio for music, calls, directions and alerts without blocking traffic and other environmental sounds for better safety. They also feature a unique tracking system so that lost sunglasses are a thing of the past. The glasses are stylish and durable with both classic and wayfarer frames made from super-durable TR-90 thermoplastic in a lightweight 26g design. With IP64 waterproofing and 20 days of standby power, they are the ultimate daily-wear smart sunglasses.  
With modern style, advanced auto-dimming capabilities, and superior audio, the Tugau LC-Glass auto-dimming sunglasses with built-in speaker are the perfect outdoor companion for modern lifestyles. Tugau sunglasses are now available for pre-sale with special pricing and incentives to reward early adopters. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wicue/01s-auto-dimming-smart-glasses-with-bluetooth-speaker.
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Source: Tugau Tech