Tucker Carlson Says of Trump to Swiss Weekly, ‘He Allowed That to Happen’

In a candid interview with the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson reveals that he believes former President Trump shares responsibility for losing the 2020 elections and the political takeover of the political left.
When asked if Trump had turbocharged the very forces that he was elected to oppose, Carlson says, “There’s no question.” He tells DW foreign editor Urs Gehriger:
Unlike some Fox News talk show colleagues, Carlson refuses to cheer on a Trump bid in 2024. He questions if Trump has the needed drive.
Carlson compares the Capitol Hill police shooting of a January 6th protester to CCP in Tiananmen Square. 
He lashes out at Republicans, says GOP is void of leadership:
Carlson calls Obama “by far” the most dangerous person in politics:
Carlson expresses “deep sympathy” for Hunter Biden, and says he has spoken with Hunter about addiction. He lashes out at Joe Biden, accusing him of using his own political power to benefit his son:
Read the full interview at: https://www.weltwoche.ch/ausgaben/2021-26/weltwoche-international/tucker-carlson-die-weltwoche-ausgabe-26-2021.html
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Contact: Urs Gehriger, foreign editor, Die Weltwoche. Email urs.gehriger@weltwoche.ch
Source: Die Weltwoche