TSplus Remote Access Version 16 Improves Web Portal Security

In its communication in early February, TSplus announced the results for 2022 and investigated the challenges for 2023 to bring Remote Access software to the top. Systems and data security have been, and will continue to be, major focus points for development. To reflect this, the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security option for the Web application portal has been extended to all connection types, including when using a local connection client. 
Remote Access Version 16 Takes a Major Step Towards Data Security 
In response to the rising concern from corporate customers who are pursuing increased network security, the developers at TSplus have included an important improvement in Remote Access: The secure storage of the web credentials necessary to open a session on the Web application portal. Since version 15.70, this process has been strengthened. Web credentials are now securely stored in the software and encrypted using a 2048-bit RSA key, following state-of-the-art security practices. This encryption is enabled by default to offer the best protection for sensitive data that can be exchanged over remote access connections. 
Additional small settings have been added for extra security, such as an eye icon to hide or show the password. The OpenSSL library has been updated to its latest version (1.1.1t) to enable admins to obtain a strong SSL certificate for free. As usual, TSplus developers have made sure that Remote Access V16 is fully compatible with the latest updates for Windows Server 2022 to prevent Windows Firewall from blocking the software for security reasons. 
Following this announcement, the new LTS (Long Term Support) 15 version of Remote Access has been released to reflect the changes. It includes all the fixes and enhancements of Remote Access V16 and will be supported until January 2025. The migration from version 12 and older is now fully available. 
Efforts to Improve Remote Access User Experience Continue 
The second main project of 2023 is to improve the user experience. Significant work has already been done in 2022 to improve the interface and offer software that is easy to handle, deploy, and manage. The design and organization of features have been completely reviewed, starting with the Farm Manager. This work continues in this new release with an improvement of the 2FA user experience for SMS activation. 
On a related topic, the login of the License Portal has been merged with the release of V16 to supply an effortless way for current customers and partners to update their licenses, offering one unique interface for everyone (see screenshot). 
Numerous other settings and fixes are included in Remote Access V16 to modernize the software and enhance other features. The full list can be consulted in the online changelog. 
TSplus Remote Access can be downloaded as a free trial from the TSplus website (15-Day version). 
Source: TSplus Corp