TSA Wait Times Launches Security Wait Times API

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, more than 1 billion passengers passed through U.S. airports last year. This year, those travelers have a new tool at their disposal to help them anticipate the amount of time that they’ll spend waiting in security lines. TSAWaitTimes.com publishes estimated security wait times for all domestic airports by combining multiple data sources including published data from the Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, user-submitted reports, and additional proprietary data sources.

That extensive set of data estimates is now available to developers who wish to create their own applications. TSA security wait times can now be accessed via an application programming interface (API) which is a standardized process for developers to retrieve structured data.

“The government data is often incomplete so we use additional custom logic to help fill in some of the blanks. Combining historical along with more recent data points helps form the basis of our estimates. We leverage artificial intelligence to help us predict the wait times that travelers will experience when they arrive at the airport,” said J. Joseph Dyken, CEO of TayTech LLC, the parent company of TSAWaitTimes.com. “Given the sheer number of travel applications available on the market today, sharing our work and allowing developers to integrate our data within their products should help to reduce the friction that many travelers experience getting through the security lines.”

In addition to estimating the current wait times, the availability and status of TSA PreCheck lanes are also available on the website as well as through the API. The API provides a list of known TSA PreCheck points along with whether they are currently open or closed. The TSA PreCheck program can help expedite travelers through the security lanes. In November 2019, 93% of TSA PreCheck passengers waited less than 5 minutes at more than 200 airports nationwide.

In addition to estimated wait times and TSA PreCheck information, the API provides developers with current airport conditions including ground delays, departure delays, and any FAA-ordered ground stops.

Details on accessing the API can be found on the TSAWaitTimes.com website.