TryMyUI CEO Ritvij Gautam Wins Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Significant Contributions in the Field of User Experience Design and Research

Ritvij Gautam, the founder and CEO of TryMyUI, has been recognized with the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Entrepreneurs Council of India (ECI) for his significant work in the field of UX Design, Research, and Usability Testing. 
The award, which is endorsed by the Indian government, including prime minister Narenda Modi, is the first Digital Entrepreneur Award that considers the work of entrepreneurs whose digital technology has directly aided in the COVID-19 global pandemic.
Gautam’s company, TryMyUI, enables companies all over the world to design better websites, applications, systems, and digital products, “epitomizing the values of the Prime Minister’s Digital India Initiative,” says Gokul Nath, Director of ECI.
Gautam’s contributions to the field of UX thought leadership can be clearly seen by his participation in conferences like ‘South by Southwest’ and ‘UX Talks’ in India and for the role his company has played during the COVID-19 pandemic, including testing the Canadian government’s well-received COVID-19 relief portal.
“What the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us is how necessary a digital presence is for companies, schools, and governments and how critical usability and usability testing is to ensure the success of that presence,” Gautam says.
“I am extremely honored that my work has received this award from a respected organization such as the Entrepreneurs Council of India, and this holds an even greater importance to me considering this comes from my home country,” Mr. Gautam further stated.
TryMyUI is a remote Usability Testing service that equips UX design teams with the tools they need to design better products and to understand whether their designs are user-friendly.
About Ritvij Gautam
Ritvij Gautam co-founded TryMyUI in 2015 and has since transformed the digital landscape by providing usability testing for clients, such as the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Canadian Revenue Agency, Gallup, and more. Gautam’s company has grown from a promising Silicon Valley startup to a fully bootstrapped international industry giant, providing cutting-edge UX research data and a dedication to a better, safer online experience.
About the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Award
The Digital Entrepreneur of the Year is awarded by the Entrepreneurs Council of India, which connects accomplished Indian entrepreneurs, fosters new entrepreneurial opportunities, and recognizes outstanding Indian entrepreneurs for their achievements. The Council board is presided over by a former Judge of the High Court of India and has been recognized by the president of India, Ram Nath Kovind, as well as Chief Ministers of multiple states.