Trusted Plumbing and Heating Opens Leak Detection Division to Support High Demand

Trusted Plumbing and Heating, a locally owned plumbing company out of Renton, Washington, stresses the importance of taking care of residential plumbing. From preventing costly damage to improving carbon footprints, water leak detection can be an important step to take. Those living in the King County area can make smart moves to improve their living conditions, and make substantial savings. With COVID-19 affecting the way we work, many people are spending far more time at home –  this makes the investment and care for their home far more worthwhile.

With an influx of homeowners in need of leak detection, Trusted Plumbing and Heating provides clarity around the four damaging effects of a leak that goes uncared for:
Leak detection can bring substantial cost, prevent damage, and improve the environment. The repercussions of leaky plumbing can cause many problems, and it’s important to take care of these issues right away. To get professional leak detection services in the King County area, visit or call 206.231.5007.
Source: Trusted Plumbing and Heating