TruChoice’s Flagship Marketing Platform, Retirement Roadblocks(TM), Receives Clean FINRA Letters

TruChoice Financial Group, LLC, one of the largest distributors of insurance products in the financial services industry, has added more than a dozen clean Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) letters to its expansive suite of Retirement RoadblocksTM materials.
The clean letters signify that the material corresponding to each letter was submitted to FINRA, reviewed, and found to meet applicable standards by FINRA’s Advertising Regulation Department. Registered Representatives can submit the FINRA letters along with Retirement Roadblocks materials to their broker-dealers, which, in many cases, can smooth and shorten the review process.
“Having the FINRA letters available for our financial professionals as a layer of regulatory protection is just another reassuring benefit of using this platform,” said Jim Maietta, Chief Distribution Officer for TruChoice. “We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from financial professionals regarding our Retirement Roadblocks materials.”
Retirement Roadblocks is an educational marketing platform that highlights seven financial risks to avoid in retirement via the animated journey of fictional siblings Bill and Jill. Intended for use by insurance professionals, financial advisors, and Registered Representatives, the platform features consumer-facing animated videos, a mobile app, proprietary calculators, a consumer guide, whitepapers, digital pitch kits, and additional marketing materials. The customizable animated videos are one of the most popular components, with TruChoice creating custom-branded videos for over 350 financial professionals to date.
“The most consistent comments we hear from financial professionals center around how essential Retirement Roadblocks has become within their practice as they strive to help retirees understand the risks they face in retirement,” said Scott Wheeler, TruChoice’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The flexibility of the Retirement Roadblocks material allows it to play ‘double duty’ as the basis for a focused, single-risk conversation, or a robust educational experience in a large group setting. The casual, non-assuming nature of the material seems to really resonate with retirees.”
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TruChoice Media Contact:Chris
Source: TruChoice Financial Group, LLC