Tripalong is Moving Home

Tripalong, a premium fast-growing travel portal, has announced that it is moving home by changing its domain name from to to enter into the commercial market. With a means to become the one-stop solution for all the travel needs from booking tickets, finding the famous attractions and iconic places to visit from booking stays by checking the reviews of hotels.

Tripalong makes a move to intimate the users where the company has added special user-friendly features making travel planning easy and hassle-free task. The current update on the portal at its new home aims to assist users in their travel planning and simultaneously recommends the best of experiences that can make travel a memorable experience.

Rishabhh Khurana, Product Head of the company, said that “Tripalong is moving places with its interactive features and user-friendly AI recommendations, based on user’s likings and preferences which make the travel itinerary more detailed and fun for our users. It lets users explore the best places around their destinations, giving them immersive experiences.”

Due to COVID 19, travel all around the world has come to a stop but as the travel start to get better and countries open their border for tourists, the portal works towards bringing the joy of traveling back with something exciting to look forward to with the new normal.

About Tripalong
Tripalong is a world fast-moving travel portal offering detailed assistance to the users in the form of Things to do, Reviews, and Experiences on their travel. The tripalong users use cutting edge technology and AI recommendations to recommend places where one needs to visit and experiences one need to indulge while visiting a particular location.