Travel Industry Continues to Rebound in 2022 With 32% Growth on Platform

2022 saw an increase of 250 million smartphone users, bringing the total number to nearly 6.6 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide. More people than ever are using their smartphones for almost all of their interactions and transactions. In 2022, two-thirds of mobile users said they couldn’t make it through the day without their devices.
An analysis of mobile data in 2022 supports this phenomenon. People are not just using their phones for the typically popular categories of chat, gaming and social media. Indeed, mobile is where people engage in everyday lifestyle commodities, such as food deliveries, financial services and more.
Here’s a roundup of the notable mobile user behavior trends over the past year that may influence the advertising strategies of mobile marketers as 2023 starts. 
According to the Deloitte Insights 2022 Connectivity and Mobile Trends report, “Smartphones are the ‘universal remote’ of our digital lives.” 
This is borne out by mobile data from the platform, garnered from 500K active integrated apps and 2.4 billion monthly active users. An analysis of 2022 data shows that mobile phones are becoming ever more essential to consumers, in every aspect of living. 
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