Trans Disciplinary & Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Epidemiological studies helps better Healthcare

The 9th European Epidemiology and Public Health Congress takes place in Helsinki, Finland during 13-14 June 2019 also termed as Euro Epidemiology 2019 with high profiled experts of Epidemiology, Healthcare professionals, pathologists, doctors and clinicians. It has wide exposure in presentations categories like invited keynote lectures, oral sessions, workshops, symposium, and poster competitions for students along with exhibitions. ME Conferences took this pleasure to educate people more about epidemiology, symptoms and prevention or treating methods through the experts in the fields.

Epidemiological studies have great importance and it is prolific, hence the Euro Epidemiology 2019 conference is holding multiple disciplines of healthcare studies like pathological studies of diseases and disorders from Single biological cell level, infectious diseases, cancer studies, genetic epidemiology, experimental and environmental factors of epidemiology, chronic disease conditions, antibiotic resistance, molecular pathology, diagnostics, oral health and hygiene, etc…However it is named as European congress the targeted participants are allowed from all over the globe like epidemiologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectionists, oncological reporters and survivors, healthcare professionals, physicians and industrialists from medical devices companies.

The enthusiastic delegates and professionals of the arena can look into this most comprehensive and diverse event to gain and share knowledge to preserve their health for years.

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Isabella Ross
Program Manager
ME Conferences