TradesAmerica Showcasing Made-in-America Products to Worldwide Buyers

TradesAmerica is excited to announce its new platform – an online B2B marketplace helping to connect American Sellers and Global Buyers.

With the growing demand for e-commerce, especially over the last few years, TradesAmerica has noticed that the interest for Made in the USA or American Made products worldwide has gone up. American businesses design, create and also manufacture some of the best products, and the services provided by American companies are second to none. With no platform available to find all American companies and products in one place, TradesAmerica decided to build this platform to fill the gap.
Although the B2B marketplace is highly competitive, with many well-known companies already established and dominating the market, TradesAmerica has a unique pitch. Unlike other online marketplaces, the platform is focused entirely on American-made products. This benefits not only the American buyer, by reducing shipping & delivery times and providing high-quality local products, but also gives each seller a great platform to promote their American-made products to global buyers. Over the last years, the trend to buy American-made products has increased and almost turned into a movement to support domestic and local companies. TradesAmerica highly supports this trend and wants to be part of it.
With new vendors and companies joining the platform, TradesAmerica is still in the early stages. Nonetheless, there is an optimistic perspective that the constant growth and interest is going to continue.
To improve the marketplace and also guarantee a consistent growth, TradesAmerica offers a lifetime membership without any fees – being aware of how important it is for customers to have a large variety of products to choose from, and also for vendors to have their products & services displayed to more potential buyers.
Besides the cost factor, the platform has been built to make it as easy as possible to not only become a member but also to showcase products. Without any complicated sign-up processes and waiting times, new members can turn into vendors in minutes, or hours, depending on the number of their products or services they plan on selling or listing on the website. Through TradesAmerica, international buyers have a chance to see what American companies, businesses, and brands have to offer. On the other side, the marketplace will also help American vendors to generate more leads through the platform and improve their own businesses.
To find out more about the platform visit TradesAmerica’s website.
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