TPMG Announces Online Just-in-Time Training Program: Tools for Continuous Improvement

In addition, the program is supplemented with a dedicated TPMG Global© faculty member for live coaching and blended learning opportunities.

Each learner has:

* Immediate access to rich course content from anywhere
* Desk reference and PDF handouts that cover all lessons
* Choice of on-demand or online blended format
* Engaging online lectures (live and self-paced)
* Interactive chats/bulletin boards
* Live online collaboration with a dedicated TPMG Global© Faculty Member
* Opportunities to interact with classmates using technology of modern global business

“Currently there are 11 modules, but we want to make it even more robust. I believe when we are finished there will be a total of 21 modules!” says Gerald Taylor, TPMG’s Managing Director. “It will be the global benchmark for online training and leadership education,” Gerald adds.