TPMG Announces a new consulting service, Robotic Process Engineering

On Wednesday May 20, TPMG will launch a new consulting service called Robotic Process Engineering.

TPMG Consulting has combined Process Engineering Lean Management, Process Engineering and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create a powerful approach that eliminates waste, improves productivity, and reduces the cost of doing business. Our Robotic Process Engineering© (RPE) services help organizations:

* Streamline processes and measurably reduce the cost of operating.
* Re-assign employees to higher priority projects and fill open requisitions.
* Complete tasks 10 times faster.
* Eliminate slow, time consuming, interoperability failures .

Lean management is a proven method for eliminating waste and the cost that comes with it. Process Engineering helps organizations optimize processes and eliminate defects. RPA is an inexpensive software-based technology. It sits on top of other applications, requires no special hardware, and works well in almost any IT environment. That’s not all, you also get the highest level of enterprise grade security.

“We believe now is the right time to pair the workforce of the future with the workplace of the future and this service enables this to occur.” says Gerald Taylor TPMG’s Managing Director. He added, “This service will yield financial results in 2 ways, 1. by immediately slashing the cost associated with waste, and 2. enabling companies to eliminate open job requisitions by staffing them with surplussed employees. We are very excited about its potential in the service sector of the economy.”

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