Toura: The All-in-One Home Search & Showing Management Platform for Buyers, Sellers, Agents and MLSs

Launching at Inman Connect, Toura’s next-generation showing management software combines buyer and agent functionality in a single platform, revolutionizing how buyers and real estate agents search for homes, schedule tours, and manage showing requests.
“Most buyers search for homes on one website, then text homes they want to see to their agent, who uses yet another site to schedule showings,” says Jeremy Gamble, Toura’s co-founder and an agent himself. “It’s disjointed and inefficient at best. And at worst, local agents and MLSs lose customers to big search portals in the process.” 
Toura’s integrated solution brings buyers, sellers and agents together, on the same platform, which provides a smooth and seamless process.
Buyers search for homes and then schedule showings online, either with the property’s listing agent or with their buyer’s agent.
Sellers see and approve showing requests — and can even manage when their home is available for showings, which provides greater transparency and control for sellers while giving buyers insight into a home’s availability.
“Toura is the only showing software that lets buyers see property availability in real time,” adds Gamble. “It helps them feel more engaged while eliminating delays and the frustration buyers experience coordinating schedules or when a home’s not available.”
Agents also benefit from Toura’s integrated software. “Toura improves client engagement and retention while also freeing agents from time-consuming logistics, leading to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction,” adds Fred McGill, co-founder and CEO. 
Agents even have the option to integrate their calendars for enhanced schedule availability. 
MLSs and their stakeholders gain unrivaled control and flexibility with Toura. Toura integrates with MLSs and allows each MLS to customize key features, including how leads are distributed and if buyers are able to “register” with a buyer’s agent or choose a showing agent from agents they used previously.
Toura provides MLSs and brokerages analytics for better insight into the search and showing process. 
Toura also offers transparency and control. It does not sell data to big portals, which may use it to compete against agents and MLS.
Buyers rest easy knowing they have more control of the showing process and will not be  “referred” to an agent based on the bias or financial benefit of a big portal.
Agents and brokerages also appreciate that Toura does not sell ads or charge referral fees. “We’re the next-generation showing management software, not a marketing machine,” adds McGill.
“We developed showing software for our own brokerage, but realized there’s a tremendous need for an integrated MLS, agent and consumer showing platform,” continues Gamble. “We look forward to rolling Toura out nationally in the coming months.”
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Source: Toura