Torque King 4×4 Offers Standard CV Shafts and Premium OE Type CV Shafts for Full-Size Domestic 4x4s

As a top manufacturer of specialty 4×4 tools and parts, Torque King is proud to carry a selection of front double cardan standard CV shafts and premium OE type CV shafts for customers. Featuring products for top brands ranging from Chevy and Ford to Jeep 4x4s, these components can benefit a variety of vehicle models between 1967 and 2018.
The standard, double cardan front CV driveshafts are designed to replace worn and failing driveshafts on a number of vehicles, including the following:
Just like Torque King’s standard CV shafts, premium OE type CV shafts are excellent parts for replacing older, stock driveshafts that display symptoms of failure. However, these premium CV shafts are only compatible with Ram 2500/3500 (1994-2018), Ram 4500/5500 (2008-2018), and Ford Super Duty F250/F550 (1999-2016) trucks. With cold forged U-joints, greasable CV balls and booted slip joints, these automotive parts will maximize the efficiency of these rugged Ram or Ford full-size 4x4s.
With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, Torque King 4×4 (previously QUAD 4×4) has served truck owners across the United States with extraordinary and exclusive tools, parts and wheel hubs. From development to quality assurance, each aspect of the production process is handled within the Billings, Montana facility. Torque King also partners with top companies within the U.S. to produce innovative 4×4 components. Whether you’re looking for parts, tools or manuals and tech pubs for your truck, you can’t beat the products sold at Torque King 4×4. 
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Source: Torque King 4×4