Torque King 4×4 Offers High-Performance and High-Angle CV Shafts for Full-Size Domestic 4x4s

Leading the industry in OEM parts and 4×4 special tools, Torque King now offers high-performance and high-angle CV shafts for consumers. By simply browsing the brand’s collection, customers can select the exact CV shafts for their full-size domestic 4×4 models from 1967 thru 2018.
Torque King can provide custom 1410 high angle front CV driveshafts that contain a Double-Cardan 1410 series constant velocity joint with greaseable CV ball capable of operating at angles up to 30 degrees. With 2.5″ thick wall driveshaft tubing and a 1.5″ diameter, they also contain a long travel slip joint. These custom driveshafts also include heavy-duty factory lubed u-joints featuring advanced sealing and tough, cold forged crosses.
Among Torque King’s wide selection, the company offers the following CV shaft types:
Formerly known as QUAD 4×4, Torque King 4×4 is leading the industry in exclusive parts, tools, wheel hubs and kits that can’t be ordered through any other manufacturer. Since 1977, the company has been dedicated to providing vehicles exceptional equipment like front CV driveshaft double cardan parts. Torque King 4×4 is proud to partner with other U.S.-based companies to develop new products for the market. They’re committed to rigorous quality assurance and the utmost customer satisfaction. Based in Montana, the company offers parts for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, IHC and Jeep vehicles.
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Source: Torque King 4×4