Torianne Bradford’s New Book ‘Do You Want to Ascend or Repeat the Earthgrade?’ is a Poetry Collection With a Purpose to Bring Enlightenment to the Weary and Lost

Fulton Books author Torianne Bradford, a poet born to Jamaican native parents, a former mental health and in-house counselor for children and adults, has completed her most recent book “Do You Want to Ascend or Repeat the Earthgrade?”: a volume of heartfelt poems created for one’s spiritual breakthrough. It delves into the wounds and scars that people are scared to face, transforming the ugly parts into a beautiful masterpiece. This is a book on self-awareness and healing; a book one wouldn’t regret to own.

“Do You Want to Ascend or Repeat the Earthgrade? is an exposition divided into two parts that illuminates the truth of Torianne Bradford’s personal feelings about her life and spiritual experiences. She poetically expresses how her state of being transformed into self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness after living life as a victim of external ordeals.
As the book transitions to part two, the poems evolve into a guide on how to heal soulfully and how one can remember who they really are. Torianne conveys enlightened avenues to find God from within, to obtain inner peace, and to conclusively maneuver through life righteously.
It is accentuated that true power is embedded in each and every person on earth. Torianne encourages individuals to embrace the power of God from within so that humanity can harmonize as one.”
Published by Fulton Books, Torianne Bradford’s book is a wonderful read on obtaining inner peace by touching the dark parts of you. It also highlights the impact of having God in one’s life in the whole process of spiritual transformation.
It is a delightful piece perfect for readers who want to elevate their consciousness.
Readers who wish to experience this encouraging work can purchase “Do You Want to Ascend or Repeat the Earthgrade?” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books