Topwatch Launches Their New Watch Division, Which Includes SA’s Favorites

Topwatch continues to make waves with the launch of their New Watches division. For over a decade they have been at the forefront of providing the best-curated selection of pre-owned timepieces globally.
With a phenomenal year-to-year growth, Topwatch has expanded their business to include the sale of authorized new watches. This includes some of South Africa’s favourite brands such as Michel Herbelin, Rotary, TW steel and Ciga Designs.
Topwatch continues to push boundaries by not limiting themselves to brands already seen in SA, but include brands making their mark on the international stage. By partnering directly with Chronoswiss, Topwatch are the official Southern Africa distributors. This exquisite Swiss-made brand limits each style to less than 50 pieces. Making it the ideal collectors timepiece.
About Topwatch
Topwatch is a globally recognised and trusted luxury watch dealer, offering an expertly curated inventory of pre-owned watches. With years of experience in buying, selling, and trading luxury timepieces, Topwatch guarantees authenticity through careful validation and inspection of each timepiece, providing customers with additional peace-of-mind thanks to a 24-month warranty and optional buy-back scheme. To continually improve and innovate the luxury pre-owned watch market, Topwatch strives to deliver uncompromised service and attentive support to all customers.
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