TopTutorJob Launches to Connect Teaching Job Seekers With Legitimate Schools

TopTutorJob (TTJ), a leading provider of international educator recruitment services in China, launched its brand-new website for educators and schools recently with the objective to ensure China as a top destination for international educators. TTJ launched its initial website in 2017, which found great success hunting the talent pool in an effective and competitive manner. TTJ has a mission to provide excellent job placement and the best in-house recruitment.
According to Deloitte, the size of the Chinese education market will presumably reach 600 billion USD by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.3% from 2018 to 2023. The market demand and growth are on a constant surge. However, the job market mixes up plenty of opportunities with advertisements, creating an obstacle for foreign applicants to distinguish a legitimate and authenticated institution. That’s where TopTutorJob comes in to settle any doubt. More than 500 positions are listed on TTJ’s website, the reliability of employers is ensured in a strict manner and there is a minute chance of job fraud. After submitting a resume on the site, the applicant will have an assigned recruiter to considerately assist with the interview process and, eventually, receive the ideal job offer.
While striving for efficient hiring and matching global candidates with the right positions from reputable schools, TTJ intends to equip them with comprehensive guides to China as well, which laid the foundation for the revision of the website. The new site is multifunctional for users. Along with the solid job openings and abundant school databases, professional career advice, original guides to Chinese cities, and key industry insights are all accessible.
The site was in beta for six months, gathering over 10,000 registered users soon after launching and bridging the gap between global educators and the Chinese K-12 education industry. “Currently, we are testing a new function to the talent pool and, hopefully, it could go live in the following month,” said Hao.XU, founder and CEO of TopTutorJob. “This would allow school HRs to easily opt for qualified candidates and fill the vacancies in a shorter time, enhancing the quality and efficiency of recruitment.”
The newly launched website enables TopTutorJob to better realize its mission of connecting millions of educators from the globe with thousands of selected schools across China. Hao said, “In the near future, I’m confident in saying that should be the first choice for any foreign teachers looking for jobs in China.”
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Source: TopTutorJob