Topical Products From Probiotic Action® Are Helping Reduce Mask-Related Acne

Skincare brand Probiotic Action, available on Amazon, could be the answer to solving acne from mask-wearing. Topical probiotics have the power to mitigate mask acne-related flare-ups, which are a result from wearing face coverings.
An increase in inflammation and sensitivity causes mask acne, otherwise known as ‘maskne’. It signals that the skin’s microbiome is out of balance, with a lack of good bacteria. Probiotic Action harnesses the very best probiotic technology to strengthen the skin’s ability to defend itself and restore balance.
Its collection, free from chemicals, works by coating the skin with naturally occurring Bacillus subtilis to fight harmful bacteria. The brand’s products, including a cutting-edge fast mist, a purifying bentonite clay cleanser and an ultra-concentrated spray, create a natural glow to bring out your healthiest skin.
Leading dermatologists agree that topical probiotics are a powerful solution to mask-related acne. In January 2021, New York-based dermatologist Hardley King, MD, told Refinery29: “Early lab studies suggest that topical probiotics may regulate the skin’s microbiome and restore barrier function. They will help strengthen the skin’s natural ability to defend itself by forming a type of protective shield on the skin’s surface. This makes the skin more resistant to damage from environmental stressors, and may be helpful for preventing maskne.”
It is proven that the skin’s microbiome is affected by the environment, including pollutants. Unlike the gut’s anaerobic bacteria, the skin’s aerobic bacteria needs oxygen to survive.
Probiotic Action Vice President, Fernando Perez, explains: “There are certain bacteria that thrive in places where oxygen is available, hence the term aerobic, whereas there are also bacteria that thrive through fermentation rather than cellular respiration. There are some probiotics that do not need oxygen to live, such as the probiotics which are found in yogurt. Those probiotics will not do anything to your skin if applied as yogurt because they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen; they are the anaerobes.”
He adds: “However, there are certain bacteria, these are the probiotics in Probiotic Action, that do need oxygen to survive, and those are the ones you want to put on your skin.”
Source: Probiotic Action