Top National Babysitting Company SeekingSitters Expanding Nationwide With Affordable Licensing Opportunity

The pandemic has inspired millions of people to become an entrepreneur and launch a new business. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 4.4 million people have started a business during 2020, nearly two million more than in 2019.

Many are families looking for flexibility and financial freedom. National babysitting company SeekingSitters is offering that to families who want to start a business that allows them to work from home. For more than 15 years, SeekingSitters has provided safe, reliable, on-demand babysitting services through its corporate locations across the country. They are now recruiting families to open their own SeekingSitters location with a new licensing program.
Founder Adrienne Kallweit says now more than ever entrepreneurs need to be connected to a network of other entrepreneurs who can lift each other up and help push each other forward in their business. Kallweit says SeekingSitters’ licensee program does that by offering an affordable business opportunity with a network of amazing business owners to lean on. At the same time, they are filling a need for safe childcare that many families have due to the pandemic.
“So many entrepreneurs want to provide both time and money to their families with structure and flexibility. At SeekingSitters, we offer all those things. As a SeekingSitters licensee, you don’t have to build the playbook. We provide that for you. You just need to be motivated to growing your business and helping families in your community. We provide the tools needed to build a successful babysitting business in your local market that provides a much-needed service to families,” explains SeekingSitters Founder Adrienne Kallweit, who is a licensed private investigator and a mother of seven children. “It is like an exclusive babysitter list, but you want to share the secret where you found your sitter!”
The process to become a licensee is simple and streamlined. New owners can have their business up and running in 30 days in just three simple steps:  
SeekingSitters is targeting local parents who understand the need for safe, reliable child-care and places a high priority on safety. The business offers flexibility to those who want to earn money without sacrificing time with their families. Owners can work from home and there is very low overhead so the startup costs are typically less than $2,000. For more information, visit
Founder Adrienne Kallweit is available to talk about their expansion plans and the licensee program.
Source: SeekingSitters