Tom Wester and Linda M. Kilty’s New Book ‘One Play’ is an Engrossing Manuscript That Unravels a Uniquely Told Story of Chances and New Beginnings

Tom Wester, a writer who works in the art/antiques business and was a counselor in various drug treatment programs, and Linda M. Kilty, a nature photographer, have completed their new book, “One Play”: a well-written tale of life’s laughter, sorrows, and triumph. Told in a creative way, it carries the story of individuals who are facing the different issues life continues to throw at them.
“One Play” opens with a series of case studies done by Adam Rosenburg. The first 50 or so pages are geared to ‘case studies’ of three individuals. A little at a time each character is evolving, and reaching resolution in short vignettes. As one continues reading, more characters are introduced, and an intriguing story begins to unfold. The uniqueness of this book is that each vignette can be viewed as a standalone piece or an integral part of the entire work.
“One Play” is a continuation of Tom Wester’s first book “Flowers, Fauna, and Memories”. Two previous characters along with more main players have now been introduced in “One Play”. The story follows their lives; faceted, weaved, and entwined through sorrow, laughter, pain and fulfillment. Three R’s are in total command throughout the book: recognition; redemption and reformation. Written in a manner that might very well be considered ‘easy reading’ and ‘stream of consciousness’, in “One Play” the writer throws a number of twists into the mix, making many of the characters not as predictable as one might expect.
One of the primary characters in “One Play”, Dr. Adam Rosenberg, is both a practicing psychologist and a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. One of Adam’s goals in life is to write a guide to safe sex amongst seniors. This became a must-do item once he learned of his own widowed mom contracting genital herpes. Dr. R felt that there was far too much information out there that was being suppressed. Rather than offering a bunch of statistics, he wanted to create a book based in part on his own patients, and written with some degree of humor. He perceived that if folks can laugh along the way, he could get more to realize in intimate relationships, the potentials for enjoyment, as well as the real chances of late-life unexpected pregnancy, and the dangers of contracting some very nasty STDs.
The philosophy and distinct knowledge of two Jesuit priests Father Anthony de Mello and Father Leo Daly were absorbed by the writer’s soul. New adaptations as inspiration from them come subtly meandering through the volume. Thereby allowing Tom Wester, the author of “One Play” to be guided to, and develop his own methodologies in the creation of the text. The photography also plays a big part in the telling of the stories. Verbiage is added around the images and into the hearts and souls of the characters.
It is the hopes of Tom Wester and Linda M. Kilty that all who read ‘One Play’ enjoy the stories and photography from the introduction to the afterword, and that it captures their heart and soul.
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Tom Wester and Linda M. Kilty’s new book will entertain the readers with a work that is excellently written, depicting values and themes in a way that captivates them and stirs their emotions.
Presented with a fascinating storyline and amazing photographs, this whole volume is a feast for the heart and soul.
Readers can purchase “One Play” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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