Tom Saunders and Jason Galvas’ New Book ‘The Road Between Us the Elder and the Atheist (Two Spiritual Journeys)’ Presents the Massive Power of Friendship and Worship

Tom Saunders, US Air Force veteran, a jail chaplain for 15 years, and Jason Galvas, his co-author, have completed their new book, “The Road between Us The Elder and the Atheist (Two Spiritual Journeys)”: an inspiring journey about two unlikely friends and the mutual respect and understanding they have. Despite the opposing opinions they have on things that could have divided them, these have instead motivated their souls to search the world for greater wisdom.
“Tom and Jason met over twenty years ago under circumstances that should have severed any chance they would develop any kind of a personal relationship, let alone a close friendship.
Yet their paths continued to cross, and over time, the answer to why this happened would be made very clear to both of them and hopefully become a lesson for many others as well.
Jason believed in science. He thought scholarship and the human capacity for learning and reason could provide every answer about life and the human condition; however, there was a tiny ember of belief he dismissed many years earlier that always remained…
Tom believed in God, to what extent he wasn’t even sure.
Jason grew up in a very religious family.
Tom hardly went to church at all but believes Jesus is God’s Son and died to make salvation available to all that would receive the gift He offers, but he always struggled with the orthodoxy taught by religion and tradition…
Jason became a business owner and the founder and president of the Mid-Michigan Atheist and Humanist Group.
Tom became a chaplain and an elder (pastor) after more than twenty-two years of military service.
This book is about the unlikely friendship that changed the course of their lives and the worldviews of both Jason and Tom, a story of two people with completely different trajectories for their lives that converge to teach all of us that we don’t have to be of like minds, come from the same backgrounds, or even share the same values to not just get along but to be close friends.
This book illustrates the value of thoughtful listening and mutual respect and how, when put into practice, these attributes make it possible to learn something about ourselves, what we believe, and why we believe it.
Share this journey with Jason and Tom with an open heart and mind, and chances are, you will discover something about yourself along the way…”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Tom Saunders and Jason Galvas’ new book is an extraordinary read that illuminates readers about a great bond even in a world of doubts and deception.
These two brilliant minds who hold different beliefs with the other have shown that gaps can be filled, ends can be bridged, and profound friendships can be built.
Readers can purchase “The Road Between Us The Elder and the Atheist (Two Spiritual Journeys)” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books