Tom Cadogan’s New Book ‘Sham Rock’ Is a Thrilling Murder Mystery That Will Keep Readers on the Edge of Their Seat

Tom Cadogan, a retired engineer who grew up reading mystery novels, has completed his most recent book “Sham Rock”:  an entertaining read that is sure to have something for mystery-adventure enthusiasts.
Tom writes, “Kinsale, Ireland, in a future time, is emerging from the rigors of climate change when a beautiful girl is found stabbed and washed up in Scilly near Bob Foley’s family home, Sham Rock. Bob is a retired US Navy commander whose old friend, Declan McGuinness of the Gardai, is assigned to investigate the murder.
Inspector McGuinness’s search takes him to the yacht of a billionaire, Conrad Mercer, who found a way to take advantage of climate change. He employs Meatface Henson as his security officer and fixer, a man with a drug record and, as it turns out, a strange interest in the ancestry of Bob Foley. McGuinness is assisted by Garda Brenda Flaherty, who holds Mercer and Henson responsible for the death of her Army Ranger husband years earlier. She agrees to go undercover to gather evidence, barely escaping a dangerous encounter.
The adventure takes Declan and Brenda to the Libyan desert, following the kidnapping and strange rescue of Bob Foley’s son, and eventually to France where the international chase continues. Finally, a double engagement in Kinsale and a strange twist on the ancestry of Declan’s old friend ends the story.”
Published by Fulton Books, Tom Cadogan’s book is a gripping murder mystery adventure that will take its readers to various locations around the world. With superb storytelling and just the right amount of suspense and twists, this book is guaranteed to hold its readers’ attention till the last page.
Readers who wish to experience this arresting work can purchase “Sham Rock” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books