TocMail Inc Extends Patented Phishing Protection to Email Attachments

TocMail Inc announces the release of TocMail 2.0. TocMail 2.0 introduces five new security features:
“Most cybersecurity vendors say that data breaches are inevitable even when using their latest technology,” said Michael Wood, TocMail Inc’s CEO. “The vast majority of data breaches begin with a malicious email. With TocMail’s patented technology, companies can finally keep attackers out of their network infrastructure, simply by accessing their emails through TocMail,” he said.
Companies can use TocMail 2.0 free for 30 days without restriction. Registration is available at
TocMail Inc.
3901 NW 79th Ave
Suite 245 #873
Miami, FL 33166
Source: TocMail Inc