Toa Custodian Earns BVLOS Approval in Nigerian Airspace With Sentaero v2BVLOS

Toa Custodian, a certified drone data collection and analyst organization, earned beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) approval from the Nigeran Civil Aviation Authority utilizing a Censys Sentaero v2BVLOS.
This approval, enabling advanced drone operations in Nigeria, will help international oil and gas, servicing and marine companies improve return on investment, asset uptime and safety for personnel because they will be able to go further and faster with more flexibility.
The BVLOS waiver approves them for the following operations in Nigerian airspace: Installation Asset Integrity Management, Oil & Gas Facility Inspection & Monitoring, Flare Boom Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Field Surveying, Aerial Photography & Video.
For more information on Toa Costodian, visit and for information on advanced drones and BVLOS waivers.
About Censys Technologies Corporation
Censys Technologies is an integrated sUAS solutions company that has brought affordable BVLOS operations to market. Censys produces a family Sentaero sUAS variants, including a BVLOS configuration with built-in detection and avoidance technology. The aircraft are complemented by easy-to-implement mobile operations centers that improve on-site efficiency and increase security – a key component of the robust BVLOS security case. The Sentaero sUAS has been approved by the FAA for dozens of BVLOS missions in US airspace without the use of remote visual observers. Through technical industry forums such as ASTM International, Censys influences sUAS airworthiness, flight operations and personal qualification standards. As the winner of several research programs for sUAS communication technology, Censys continues to build on its existing technology portfolio and sets new standards for BVLOS. Censys enjoys serving as an OEM partner to multiple enterprise customers and Fortune 100 companies to help make valuable BVLOS sUAS operations commonplace around the world.
Source: Censys Technologies