TKO Motorsports Expands Its State-of-the-Art Facility, Cementing Its Position as a Leading Motorsports Industry Center for Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

TKO Motorsports – the motorsport industry’s manufacturing and race-proven leader renowned for building street legal, track-proven vehicles as well as offshore race boats and custom restorations – is excited to announce that it has recently expanded its Reno, Nevada-based facility by approximately 50,000 sq/ft, allowing it to further develop its growing presence, accommodate new cutting-edge machinery, and cement its position as one of the motorsports industry’s leading center for design, engineering, and manufacturing of innovative performance products. The enthusiasm among TKO staff surrounding the news was high.
“We are all very excited about the explosive growth. With this massive expansion, our limits are endless as to what we can manufacture and innovate for our customers and industry partners. We love pushing boundaries so our clients can stay ahead of the curve.” – Martin Moran – Senior Engineer at TKO
Since 2008, TKO Motorsports has produced some of the world’s most extreme custom-built, street-legal vehicles in the world. Each project is track engineered and tested under the harshest conditions, using a tried-and-true methodology: all of TKO Motorsports products and custom builds are designed, engineered, manufactured, and fabricated from start to finish at the company’s Reno-based facility, which uses only the latest in cutting-edge technology. This unique, innovative approach has not only won TKO Motorsports industry accolades; it has also fostered rave reviews from an ever-growing list of customers.
“Since we opened our doors 13 years ago now, we’ve had so many incredible opportunities,” says Dave Traitel, the CEO and Owner of TKO Motorsports. “This facility expansion will not only help us to meet the increasing performance demands of the motorsports manufacturing world; it will allow us to acquire new machinery, including nine CNC machines including the latest Flow/Mach3 Water Jet. This will let us hold fast to our core values of using only the highest quality, in-house manufactured products and techniques, embodying the approach we’ve become well-known for. ”
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Source: TKO Motorspots, LLC.