Tips for Styling and Caring for Dried Flower Bouquets

The dried flower trend continues to surge in popularity and local flower delivery Melbourne business, Amazing Graze, says the style isn’t going out of vogue anytime soon.
More cost-effective than buying fresh blooms for the home each week and easier maintenance than keeping indoor plants alive, another key factor driving the surge in popularity of dried flowers is the growing cultural interest in sustainability.
With a typical lifespan of up to three years, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends keeping dried flowers out of direct sunlight. While their colour fades during the natural preservation process, direct sunlight will accelerate fading, so they should be kept away from windows and skylights.
Amazing Graze also advises against putting dried flower bouquets in water, as this will cause the stems to turn brittle and could also promote mould growth. For this reason, dried flower arrangements look best placed in an opaque or ceramic vase in a neutral or contrasting colour.
Additionally, Amazing Graze recommends keeping dried flowers away from wet rooms with high humidity, like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. The moisture in these rooms can cause leaves and petals to turn mouldy.
Dried flower arrangements can be used to enhance a minimalist space in neutral and muted tones, while bright bouquets add vibrancy to a room. When it comes to styling dried flower arrangements around the home, putting them on the coffee table, bookshelf or side table will inject life, texture and vibrancy into a space.
Once the dried flowers have been styled, it is not recommended to move them around. While they are low maintenance, they are also delicate. To remove any dust, lightly dust with a feather duster or use a hairdryer on a cool, low setting.
Amazing Graze has an extensive selection of professional arrangements available for flower delivery in Melbourne. The Dry Neutral and Dry Pastel arrangements come in a ceramic vase and are perfect for any setting, while the Per Sempre arrangement includes a combination of dried and artificial flowers of pampas grass, cotton, palm leaf, banksia and hydrangea.
Amazing Graze also creates custom dried flower arrangements. Shop online for same-day flower delivery Melbourne-wide.
Source: Amazing Graze Flowers