Tips For Hiring The Best Employee For The Job


How do you find the right employees for your company? How do you avoid the pitfalls that occur when you hire the wrong guy or gal? Well, let’s face it: some things can’t be prevented. No matter how good a potential candidate may look on paper, and even if they make a great impression in their interview(s), you can’t guarantee how they will function as an employee of your company.Some businesses employ the use of a personality test, competence test, or other such tests. These are a great way to get an extra gauge on how a prospective employee may do things once hired. When it comes to actual competence testing, however, it is best to not only view their previous experience but also give them an on-the-job test. Let’s suppose that you are going to hire a cook. Make arrangements with the job candidate for him or her to come in and cook a sample meal as part of the process of executing a second or third interview. This may seem a little strange, but it will help you ensure you find the right person for the job.When it comes to personality, you can ask the person certain questions and give them certain hypothetical scenarios in order to get a feel for how they might react in these situations should they be faced with them while working for you. Think of issues that you have encountered with prior problem employees.For example, if a prior employee talked too much on the job and wasn’t as productive as you’d have liked, ask during an interview what the prospective employee’s outlook is on talking and doing personal things while on the job. This will not only get the subject on the table, it will also let them know right off the bat that you aren’t going to stand for any tomfoolery at your workplace.What about employees who are too bossy? What about ones who assume too much about their leadership role without prompting or being named as a member of management or without being named as a supervisor? Sit down and write down a series of issues you’ve faced, and formulate polite questions about this which will help you weed out the bad and keep the good, when you are hiring.Remember that when you hire someone, you are not the only one interviewing. You are also being interviewed. This potential candidate for the job has every right to look at what you have to offer and decide if they think it will be worth working for you. Give every interviewee a chance to prove himself/herself. But also, make sure you also make a point to sell them on what advantages working for your company will present.

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