TimeTrakGO Releases Time Off Center to Automate Employee Time Off Requests

TimeTrakGO, a leader in web-based employee time tracking software, has announced today that it has released yet another feature to help small businesses with their employee time tracking needs. Time Off Center, as it is called, automates the request and approval process for paid time off such as vacation or sick leave.
“We are continually enhancing our employee time tracking software to help businesses by automating previously time-consuming tasks. Small business owners are often stretched too thin, and our goal is to help by giving them more time to focus on the important task of running their businesses,” said Marc Schopp, TimeTrak Systems
TimeTrakGO recognizes that small businesses have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. TimeTrakGO provides employee timekeeping tools that allow these business owners to pay their employees efficiently and accurately. TimeTrakGO offers a unique graphical employee timecard which cuts the review and editing process in half when compared to conventional timekeeping systems.
Want to know more about TimeTrakGO and its unique graphical timecards? Visit their website at www.timetrakgo.com
Media Contact: Brian Zurawski, Phone: 888-321-9922, Email: bzurawski@timetrakgo.com
Source: TimeTrak Systems