TimeClick Publishes Blog on the 9/80 Work Schedule

Utah-based time clock software company TimeClick published a new blog centered on a relatively new and hot topic in the workplace: the 9/80 work schedule. The idea of this new schedule stems from its potential to draw closer to the ideal work/life balance than ever before.
The 9/80 work schedule takes the traditional five-day workweek and restructures working hours to give employees an extra day off every two weeks. The schedule achieves this end by reallocating 80 working hours over nine instead of ten days, hence the 9/80 moniker.
Written by Digital Content Specialist Daniel Lee, the blog takes a holistic approach in assessing the potential of the 9/80 work schedule with a list of good and bad possibilities it could bring about. Overall, the schedule appears to possess capabilities of boosting or hampering productivity depending on its implementation.
Lee’s blog goes into much detail to explain how a 9/80 work schedule can help by raising employee morale, reducing work-related expenses, and allowing for fewer workday interruptions. All these effects can motivate employees and boost productivity.
Conversely, a 9/80 work schedule could cause more harm if employees fail to adjust to the change or fail to pace themselves over a nine-hour workday. These issues can lead to fatigue and reduce the overall number of hours an employee stays productive.
Lee then goes on to explore the ways a company could decide if a 9/80 work schedule could be a good fit. Lee emphasizes that a schedule change is worth considering if an organization values its employees.
Lee quotes Doug Conant, former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, “to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” This quote serves as a foundation to explore 9/80’s merits as an idea.
To help determine if a 9/80 work schedule could work, Lee provided a sample list of questions to answer that focus on an organization’s culture, industry, and customer demographic. For example, a 9/80 work schedule may present much more of a challenge for a restaurant to implement than a software company.
Ultimately, Lee acknowledges that even these questions may not provide a comprehensive answer. For those wanting more concrete information, Lee suggests the use of a temporary trial. In such a trial, an organization could involve a few employees on a new 9/80 work schedule to assess if the change may suit everyone.
The blog concludes with a reminder that managing any work schedule change can quickly become complex and difficult. Lee urges those experiencing difficulty with managing department and job tracking to opt for TimeClick’s free 14 day trial, available here.
To read the full blog, visit the following link: https://timeclick.com/what-is-the-9-80-work-schedule/.
Also, for more information on how TimeClick can help, check out their features here.
Source: TimeClick