TimeClick Announces Blog Comparing Employee Kiosks With Time Clock Software

TimeClick, a time clock software company based in Logan, Utah, published a new blog this morning, titled “Employee Kiosk vs Time Clock Software: A Full Comparison.” The blog contains a fully detailed comparison of features, benefits, drawbacks, and prices of both an employee kiosk and time clock software. 
Kate Page, the Digital Content Specialist at TimeClick and writer of the blog begins by explaining, “Every company, no matter the industry or size, is going to have to run payroll at some point. And in order to run payroll, tracking the time its employees worked is a necessity. How that time is tracked, though, is up to the company.” 
The blog then goes on to analyze different types of employee kiosks, including paper timestamps, physical pin pad machines, touchscreen machines, and apps. Along with that, some of the most common employee kiosk features are highlighted, including biometrics, ethernet and Wi-Fi, and printers. Then, the blog points out the benefits and drawbacks of having an employee kiosk as a time tracking solution, and finally, it explains the typical price of such a device. 
After the employee kiosk analysis, the blog moves on to time clock software. Again, it begins by discussing types of time clock software, including on-premise and cloud-based software and time clock apps. Then it talks about time clock software features, such as employee time tracking, reporting, payroll integration, scheduling, and PTO tracking. After that, the same layout as the employee kiosk section is followed and pros, cons, and price of a time clock software are examined. 
After the review of both types of time tracking solutions is complete, Kate Page then goes on to compare the two, answering the question, “Which one is better?” She states that it is impossible to say what is the best solution for every business, because each company has unique payroll and employee management needs. She offers her brief opinion that overall, a time clock software might be better than an employee kiosk because of its flexibility, variety of features, and price. 
The author then concludes the blog by showcasing an alternative option available for those still looking for an employee kiosk, as well as a time clock software. The solution she offers is the TimeClick time clock app, which can be made into an employee kiosk. Note, in order to use the free app, you must purchase the time clock software as well. Lastly, she gives a link to a 14-day free trial of TimeClick so that readers can try her solution for themselves. 
You can read the full blog at https://www.timeclick.com/employee-kiosk-vs-time-clock-software/.
Source: TimeClick