Tim Woods Joins Farm Management Platform, Tillable

A former executive of G.M. Lawrence and Co. (Lawrence Group) has joined ag-tech startup Tillable. Tim Woods will be joining Tillable to lead the farm management platform and services as Head of Farmland Management. This will encompass the farm management product (people + technology) as well as Tillable’s internal data platform. 
During his 19 years at Lawrence Group, Tim served in multiple capacities and leadership positions. Tim brings with him an extensive background in all aspects of agriculture operations, finance, processing, project management, ag technology, USDA farm programs and agency compliance. Tim is a big believer in the role technology can play in the farmland market.
“I’m excited about the opportunity and the role that Tillable will play over the coming years in agriculture. I have already had first-hand experience with the farm management tools that they offer and feel Tillable is uniquely positioned to help farmers, farm managers and landowners navigate the future of agriculture,” Tim explained. 
Since Tillable’s launch in 2017, over 1,000,000 acres of farmland have been added to the platform and more than 28,000 accounts have been created by users of the site. CEO of Tillable, Corbett Kull, had this to say about the new hire, “We’re really excited to bring Tim’s level of experience and ag expertise to the team. We have had a great start so far in building the first end-to-end farm management and land analytics platform. I think sometimes landowners and farmers are surprised with just how many great tools our website has for them. With Tim, we will be looking to increase engagement and adoption from large landowners over the coming months, and increase the quality of the user experience with each new version released.”
While with Lawrence Group, Tim excelled in developing and implementing an internal GIS land management system to track land assets, leases, FSA reporting, and field-level production. Most recently, he served as the Head of Operational Technology, Compliance, and Research. He focused on developing and implementing technology solutions, operating processes, and government programs to increase the productivity and financial stability of farmers and the organization.
Source: Tillable