Tim Greene Launches Next Kids Worldwide® Inspired by Tyler Perry to Scout Tomorrow’s Entertainers

Atlanta, Georgia: With the tagline, “Hear Tomorrow’s Stars Today,” Next Kids Worldwide® is launched to foster talent that’s otherwise, hidden from the center-stage. The platform is created to identify and nurture the talents of children in a way that engages their families and communities. Tim Greene is the creator of Next Kids Worldwide® – the award-winning filmmaker and top-rated radio personality possess a prolific and cardinal repertoire that helps him propel millions of talented children from across the world into fame in six languages. Heavily influenced by “Madea Simmons” Tyler Perry, Tim Greene is committed to creating positive entertainment 24/7 from the stars of tomorrow. Send in your original songs and videos to: NEXTKIED123@GMAIL.COM LISTEN LIVE AT: https://fastcast4u.com/player/tigreene/

Via Next Kids Worldwide®, children aged within 3 to 12 will be provided with a radio and television platform that is theirs and to submit original music as well as videos to be aired. All these are done with parents in the loop whereby the parents can send their kids’ original performances to Next Kids Worldwide. The Next Kids Worldwide® Mixtape will feature original songs & videos made by kids for kids. There is no subscription fee – Next Kids Worldwide® is absolutely free for everyone with no commercials whatsoever. With the tagline, “Strive for Excellence,” free Next Kids Entertainment & Edutainment Workshops, opportunities for families with kids who want to break into the music/entertainment business in communities nationwide are provided.

Tim Greene plans to take the Next Kids Worldwide® to the next level. Currently, he is negotiating multiple deals for Next Kids Worldwide: Global Merchandising including a Next Kids Clothing Line, Kids Sneakers, Next Kids Record Label, Toy Line, Next Kids Worldwide®Awards Show, Bluetooth Headphones, Breakfast Cereal, Snack Foods Line, and Hip Hop Soda Pop. Parents and kids are urged to help spread the word by sharing Next Kids Worldwide’s link on TIK TOK, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & other social media sites. Generation Alpha (children born after 2011) are harnessing technology as TV gets defunct. Not only Generation Alpha but Gen X and Y stream all of their entertainment on mobile devices as well. Next Kids Worldwide will be the commercial-free digital destination for kids and families worldwide, Tim Greene promises.

Net Kids Worldwide® is also about paying it forward. To date, the Next Kids Worldwide had given out over 400 Laptop Computers and other prizes to kids who have great grades but are at a disadvantage that prevents them from going forward. Talent is often overshadowed by poverty and underprivileged factors and Net Kids Worldwide® is determined to uplifting the latent talent and shoving it into the limelight it deserves.

When asked what inspired him to start Next Kids Worldwide®, Tim Green says, “I got a major inspiration from Tyler Perry opening his massive “Tyler Perry Studios”, Oprah Winfrey launching the “Oprah Winfrey Network” and Ava DuVernay launching her own independent film distribution company “ARRAY”, I thought to myself why not use new technology integration to reach well over a billion underserved kids around the world with fun-filled short themed entertainment where they can not only watch the stars, but really have a chance to be a star.”

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